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About CFI Driver Portal Online

If you are a commercial truck driver, you know that the CFI Driver Portal is an important part of your job. The portal provides information on loads, pay, trip planning, and more. It is a one-stop shop for all things CFI.

In this article, we will take a look at the different features of the CFI Driver Portal and how they can help you be a better truck driver. Check out previous article about how to login in clear lease driver portal online?

CFI has developed a new driver portal to help drivers improve their skills and become more efficient. The portal provides access to resources that drivers can use to learn new techniques and strategies. The goal of the portal is to help drivers become more knowledgeable and skilled so they can provide better service to their customers.

Why choose CFI freight?

CFI provides reliable freight service within the US, Canada and Mexico. Sign In Company Drivers click herefor the Driver Dashboard Truckload ©2022 CFI, A TForce Company - All rights reserved.

What is the history of CFI?

From our start in 1951 with two trucks and a dream, CFI has been a staple of the transportation industry. Check out our history and discover how we’ve grown into a multifaceted supply chain provider across North America. HAVE A QUESTION?

What is CFI’s policy on employment history evaluation?

***For preventable motor vehicle accidents, moving violations and employment history, CFI reserves the right to evaluate each applicant on an individual basis. Sign up to receive CFI updates on services, company news and special offers.

How much does it cost to get a CDL at CFI?

If you’re working toward obtaining your CDL to begin your driving career at CFI, we’ll make your monthly tuition payments for the first 12 months of employment and then pay off the remainder of your tuition, up to $5,000 total.


In conclusion, the CFI Driver Portal is a great resource for truck drivers. It is packed with information on trucking companies, driving schools, and job postings. The site also has a forum where drivers can ask questions and share information. If you’re a truck driver, or thinking about becoming one, the CFI Driver Portal is a great place to start.

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